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Why Do I Even Bother? Uncomfortable Truths That Need To See The Light

This blog was archived from December 31, 2016.

2016 is coming to an end. In the past 6 years I have become an advocate for parental rights when it comes to vaccinations and all the mandates that are coming out. Yes, I admit I've been way more vocal* about it in the past couple years than ever before, and this is because I've encountered HUNDREDS of parents all with similar stories. Child goes in for a "well baby visit" aka "vaccine visit" and is now experiencing auto-immune disorders and yes, even worse, being diagnosed autistic.

You know when you first come across something, and the deal was too good, or just when something seems to good to be true, you wanna shout it from the roof tops? You wanna warn your friends? How many out there, who are Christian, remember how it first felt the day you accepted Jesus as your Lord and Savior? Do you remember the joy you were overcome with, the relief you had, the pressure and burdens lifted form your shoulders... all within moments of accepting Him? Do you recall the following weeks in to your new relationship you were building with God, suddenly having that burden come back in to your life once you thought about friends and family that you loved and how you wished they could experience this as well.. and not so much wished for it.. but you even became somewhat... "too much" for some of your friends and family? You couldn't help it, you were in love with your savior and you genuinely thought that by preaching to your loved ones you were helping assist in their salvation? You didn't care that people thought you were crazy, you loved God. You didn't care that over half the world doesn't believe the same thing, or that science is continuing every day to try and disprove His existence, this doesn't bother you at all? Why? Well... there are plenty of reasons, one of them being FAITH. Most Christians will tell you that they've experienced that divine love and that anything good that has ever happened to them in their lives is only because of God, no matter how bizarre some people think that is, and also, without providing any solid proof.

That, in one big nutshell, is what happened to me once I opened up the Pandora's Box that is the topic of vaccinations. The only reason I've become so much more VOCAL about vaccines is when they became MANDATORY. When SB277 passed in California, even with all the warning, I knew things were only going to get worse.

Bottom line: YOU CANNOT BE PRO-CHOICE and PRO VACCINE MANDATES at the same time. It just makes no damn sense. You cannot be advocating for a woman's right to abort her unborn baby based on the lines we hear time and time again of "her body, her choice" and "the government should have NO SAY in what a woman can and cannot do with her own body" and then the minute that child is born, be okay with the government forcing that same woman to vaccinate her child.

Heads up! You CAN be pro-science of vaccinations and just because you want other parents to have rights to turn down something that has not been proven 100% effective doesn't mean you are suddenly ANTI-VACCINE. I am not denying that vaccinations haven't saved lives in the past. The first measles vaccine and polio vaccine were given FREELY... the cures were provided for FREE. But we all know what happens when greed comes in to the picture. Greed has ruined many things in this world that started out with good intention. Jesus Christ came here to die for our sins. He wanted a relationship with us. This is what I was taught. But many churches have taken this and twisted it to take advantage of people. You do not have to confess to a priest in order to talk to your God! You can speak directly to Him. You don't have to give what you cannot give. Why is it so hard to believe that there are people out there who will take something good and free for everyone, and turn it around to make a profit? Case in point: look at the current price list for the vaccinations from the CDC. Now look at your bill from the doctor.. it's nearly tripled at times whatever they want to charge you! The vaccine for Hep C in India is only $900. In the US? A whopping $84,000.00 ! Can you really look at that and tell me there's no profit and big time money being made in this country ... can you really look at that and tell me there is NO GREED that is ruining something that could be good?

It amazes me how - even though science and "facts" have been disputed throughout history (did we all forget that in the 50's and 60's the scientists at the CDC told us all smoking didn't cause cancer and was actually good* for you), some people still* have the hardest time accepting that vaccines in massive doses can (and do) effect children. We are not just talking about autism here, we are talking about all kinds of auto-immune disorders. They not only refuse to believe it, but they don't even take the time to look in to it. And by look in to it, I am talking about actually listening to countless stories of other parents who have experienced and live with the damages every day, I am talking about reading an insert that states the real reported effects from these vaccines... the list continues. How many of us KNOW that cannabis and marijuana are in fact helping so many people, yet it's still being labeled a "bad drug" in most states? How many of us KNOW that breastfeeding is the BEST thing for your newborn baby even though most of our parents were (lied to) told that formula was better in the 80's? How many of us are no longer SHOCKED when you're watching a commercial at 1am telling you there are all sorts of lawsuits for whatever depression med or psoriasis or stomach med, etc etc since it was causing DEATH and other bad reactions? This doesn't surprise or concern anyone that these drugs STILL made it to the market and in the hands of consumers... when they were clearly NOT tested long enough for safety? These are the same companies pushing the vaccinations you are so blindly giving your children. Things change. Can't we all agree on that one? No one has been able to truly prove that God exists. No one has been able to truly prove that God doesn't exist. This doesn't mean that studies and research should stop. Do you know how many BILLIONS of people on this planet believe in something or some God based on FAITH? Now how silly does that make someone to not even consider evidence and claims made every day by other human beings? That one day they were fine, and then they had ___ injected in to them, and today they are not okay. Yet doctors will insist that it has nothing to do with the vaccine. This should make everyone's blood boil. Jut because "science" tells you currently* that something is "scientific" and "fact"... doesn't mean it cannot eventually be dis-proven. (BTW, the "scientists" who test these vaccines, work in-house... that should bring up some red flags, dontcha think?) It certainly doesn't mean to stop having conversations about it. Instead of rolling your eyes and calling someone "ridiculous" for wanting to discuss something they deem important, how about we have REAL conversations again as human beings. Ask yourself, what does this person have to gain &/or lose by talking about this? The other day I was given the insane analogy that if you clip your toenails one day, and have a head ache the following day, it doesn't mean the toenail clipping caused the head ache. (No shit Sherlock!) Obviously this pro-vax analogy was REACHING, since clipping your toenails is no where near the same thing in affecting your body as injecting something in to your bloodstream. A better analogy would be this one: Your child falls on his/her head, they're crying uncontrollably. You call the doctor. "Hey Doc, my child is crying and saying their head hurts really bad." The doctor asks you, "what happened?" "Well, they fell off the couch and hit their head." I can almost guarantee that the doctor would blame the FALL for the current state of the child. Right? So. Answer me this. WHY IS IT SO INSANE to believe that after a "well baby visit"/aka "vaccine visit" where the doctor has just injected your child with 3-4 shots (some 3-in-1s)... that the seizures or adverse reactions less than a day later were not caused by the vaccination? How can you sit there and call that parent a liar... or tell them that what happened to their perfectly healthy child had nothing to do with the vaccines? This is in fact what's happening EVERY SINGLE DAY in this country, and it's no wonder the vaccine movement has turned in to this GIANT of a crusade. Hundreds of thousands of parents who just cannot keep silent. Please think about this: if their child is already vaccine injured, why are they bothering to share their story? It's too late for them, but they will be damned if they don't let the word out and share their story to at least help save the life of another precious baby. They have nothing more to lose at that point. Besides what? "Friends" online who do nothing but sit there and judge? Let's look at the studies and not just blindly say "oh, there a was a study.. that's it." Let's actually see what process went about in said study, and take it from there. I am constantly asked by my husband, "why bother?" Meaning, as long as my family is in tact and my children are healthy, who cares about other people and their kids? I know he means well, I know this is for my sanity, but once you have truth on your side, it's really hard to shut up about it. I care. I care too much. I can't stop caring now that I know and have met too many parents who have had their lives turned upside down because of this madness.

If you're waiting for the CDC to admit they were wrong about vaccinations, you are going to be waiting forever. They will never admit it, and you know why? Right now, forget about the MILLIONS of kids with auto-immune disorders, let's just chat about numbers in autism. It's 1 in 42 last I checked. The risks are higher in boys. Do you really think that they will admit that they've known all along and that this country wouldn't go in to a full-on panic and uprising? If you were a parent to the 1 in 42, and someone told you that hey, you were lied to. Your son is this way because of ____, you would likely snap. You'd see red. They cannot afford for this to happen. This is why CDC whistle-blower Dr. William Thompson has been WAITING to stand trial and testify that he was ordered to delete studies and destroy evidence linking the MMR to autism.

Why has there NEVER been a study on vaccinated vs un-vaccinated children? It really shouldn't be that difficult... right? They were able to do a complete RECOUNT of the entire voting process in this country and get that done within a couple weeks... why haven't they bothered with something as important as this? Something that has been accused of affecting ONE in 42 children? Why are you not allowed to go after doctors and vaccine manufacturers? Over half the appliances in my home come with a guarantee or warranty. Some lifetime, some two years, some four... etc. They have NEVER been able to guarantee a vaccine 100% effective. Anything that has a risk to it should not be mandated. Anything that comes with a package insert that has a side effect of DEATH or seizures should be told to the parents in advance without the parents even having to ask. Shouldn't the health and safety of the patient come FIRST...always? And like I always say, IF THERE IS A RISK THERE SHOULD BE A CHOICE.

There is a reason measles, mumps, chicken pox, rubella, whooping cough etc are called childhood diseases. These illnesses, not even a disease, primes the immune system to ward off more devastating disease later in life. Also, in childhood the illnesses are easily tolerated. Not pleasant but tolerable. When these illness hit you as an adult the physiological consequences are more dire. Take mumps for example. In adults mumps can cause infertility. 20 cases of measles. Read the following real outbreak from 1959. No one broke a sweat when the measles cases increased. In fact I got the sense everyone was relieved the outbreak happened over the Christmas holiday.

The quest for answers will go on. Such is life. For now, I would continue to take counsel and advice from those who've actually lived it. I won't be blindly believing a doctor or pediatrician who gets bonuses and huge payouts for pushing drugs on myself or my children. Below I will list a video regarding the concerns of most parents when it comes to that study that was destroyed by the CDC, along with links for groups and sites to follow that are currently only providing testimony from other parents, along with package inserts and all sorts of studies to allow you to make your own judgements regarding this most sensitive issue. Oh yeah, and I ended with a photo of my and my two (healthy and thriving) children. That's not a bragging statement, that shouldn't trigger anyone, when I say my children are the healthiest kids I know, I'm not lying. Maybe 1 cold a year... and it's gone within a couple days. Oh yeah, natural immunity. What a concept.


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