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Kaiser PDF - Dealing With Vax Hesitancy

This blog was archived from January 7, 2020.

On the live earlier today we discussed medical bullying. All of the stories that poured in from the HPV vax had several things in common:

  1. Most of the women who had the gardasil series still* contracted HPV

  2. Most of them had a bad gut feeling

  3. Most were coerced in to getting the shot and made the choice to out of FEAR.

Medical bullying is REAL and doctors need to be held accountable for this. To those who do not believe this is happening, please check out this Kaiser doc to see the reality of how your medical professionals are not taught about recognizing vax injury, how to convince the patient with actual science, but how to deal with vaccine hesitancy*.

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Do you have a link for the pdf? Or am I missing something I'm supposed to click? Literally just joined 5 minutes ago after a search from an IG mention.

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