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SB276 - The State Gets Final Say

This blog was archived from June 21, 2019.

We’re seeing how these bills are being proposed and passed left and right. Yesterday hundreds of us witnessed a democratic senator Pan lie repeatedly, and not only was he allowed to continue to bear false witness, the public servants on the panel apologized to him for the scrutiny he has (rightfully!) had to endure. Do you see this California? Their sympathies were only for the abuser, not the abused. They listened to hundreds of parents who opposed this vile tyrannical law, most of these parents who have children who’ve been damaged by these va((ines, and they had THE NERVE to apologize to the man responsible for taking your rights away. That was another deep level of evil so hard to comprehend, and so unsettling that it truly shook me to my core. We have the vaccine makers declaring that their products are neither safe nor effective and we have millions of sick and vaccine injured children yet we also have the people who directly benefit from the vaccination myth still declaring that vaccines are good and there’s no need to question any further? If you ever want to expose any trap you need to start pulling back the curtain of omission. Under SB276 your doctor will get red-flagged once they distribute more than 4 exemptions PER YEAR. This makes it so your pediatrician now has to choose between the health of your child, or their livelihoods. How is this justice? PARENTS: know when a medical professional is lying on other fronts regarding vaccination. The medical system has a vested interest in making sure the general public continues its’ blind faith in vaccines. So long as they have ZERO liability and payouts directly from the pharmaceuticals, they will defend the scared idea that poisons -and the suffering they bring, have a benefit* for the child/adult who is suffering. That somehow, your child has to first be burned to prove the fire is too hot for them, in order to not be burned a second time.

It makes absolutely no sense. The hoops these parents have had to go through - simply devastating that this is where the country is headed. A generation of people who believe themselves faulty at birth, and that their only chance is lifelong dependency on the medicine that ONLY the pharmaceutical companies can provide. Will you stop playing the role of obedient participant in this cycle of abuse? Lies favor only the liar, never the person who was lied to. There is now even more work for you to do in order to help ensure your child’s safety within this new structure of law, you’re on your own. You have marginalized the rest of us to the point where we have zero interest in a “herd” that would no sooner turn their backs on us and point the finger of blame on us because it’s too much for them to admit they blindly allowed the state to make the health decisions for their children.

It’s not IF the state gets it wrong but WHEN they get it wrong. These public officers will have never even met the children, and when a legitimate exemption will be revoked and that child dies…? Under 276 NO ONE will be accountable. The health officials (like the pharmaceutical companies and doctors) have ZERO LIABILITY. The state cannot practice medicine! Government entities cannot practice medicine. These assembly men and women told parents yesterday, after years of lecturing them to trust doctors, that ultimately it is the STATE that has final say. What a shame. These tyrannical acts happening in states like CA and NY have to be a warning for us all. This is never and was never about public health. This has always been about your compliance and obedience to the psychopaths in charge. If you ever needed further proof that California was a police state - I pray this be your wake up call.

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