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Finding Your Tribe

tribe [ trahyb ] noun any aggregate of people united by ties of descent from a common ancestor, community of customs and traditions, adherence to the same leaders, etc.

What does YOUR tribe look like?

Some of us are lone wolves. A lot of Alphas don’t run in packs or feel like they need to be a part of a group in any way. If you’re like me in that sense, then to you, your tribe* is your family. Your immediate family, the one babies you are raising up to be lights in this dark world. Sure you have friends, but your circle stays small, and you like it that way.

For others, being a part of a like-minded tribe brings balance and beauty to your life, and I think that’s a beautiful thing too.

Finding your tribe means pushing yourself to step outside your comfort zone to be able to reach out to others. It was only in speaking out that I was able to “weed out” many naysayers and cult-like zombies. At first, it was painful. It hurt me that those I considered “friends” were actually more likely the FIRST to report me or turn their backs on me because of our views. Their gossip about me and my family made it’s way down that grapevine. What was once very painful ultimately was a blessing in disguise for me.

In the 10+ years of being vocal about things that are considered “controversial”, my “tribe” in life ultimately found ME. It’s serendipitous actually, even if we haven’t met in person. Funny how that works. Through this platform, I am so happy to say that many of you have “tribed up” with other like-minded parents and it’s allowed you to become more bold/brave/& find your voice. This is key* - because the TRUTH should never be kept inside, and the TRUTH should never be something you’re afraid to speak on. TRUTH fears no investigation. Amiright?

I wish I had these options 10 years ago- the vast amounts of "woke" groups we have nowadays- could have saved myself a lot of time/heartache - along with being kicked out of about 8 “mommy groups” by now. I wear those badges with honor btw. ;)

Those interested in a wristband, you can find them here. As always, thank you for your support.

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