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The Difference is the LIABILITY Part

This blog was archived from May 5, 2019.

2.055 BILLION awarded to the Pilliod family when they were able to prove that Monsanto caused their cancer. 3 judgements like this since August of last year. Defectively designed and zero warnings given to consumers. Sounds like any other product you know of?

🔵 In court they proved the Monsanto discredited scientists who connected glyphosate to cancer, manipulated scientific research, and attempted to influence regulatory agencies. More than 13,000 lawsuits in effect.

🔵 GLYPHOSATE causes cancer. GLYPHOSATE is in va((ines. Childhood cancer is on the rise like never before. No one dares question the white coats and the vax mythology because we have been so brainwashed to believe the health of our children comes in 74 doses before they're 18. That their bodies can handle multiple diseases at once, 13 strains of bacteria injected in to their systems but cannot handle one case of chicken pox or the measles? Sure.

🔵 Now is the time to come together to STAND UP to pharma. Did you know that the $4 BILLION that's been awarded to those who have proven va((ince injury was paid for by you*, and not the manufacturer? For every va((ince administered there is $0.75 set aside to the compensation fund for the families that have proven va((inces damaged/injured/killed their children.

🔵 The likes of Merck would be out of business so fast if they were responsible for the damages their products cause. Doctors and nurses would suddenly study va((inces TOMORROW if they knew they were liable. They couldn't just tell you to pop a Tylenol and that "it's normal". Time to get on the right side of history. Pharma, your time is coming.

From Dr. Pompa:

Glyphosate is what Dr. Seneff calls a “monster molecule,” and affects human biology is many ways. It was first patented as a chelating agent for heavy metals to clear pipes. The second patent was for use as an anti-microbial agent. Lastly it was patented as an herbicide.

In March of this year, the WHO (World Health Organization) recognized glyphosate as a probable carcinogen 1. Researcher Dr. Nancy Swanson, PhD and former US Navy staff scientist, has found correlations between pancreatic, colon, thyroid, kidney and liver cancers and glyphosate exposure. And Monsanto labels glyphosate as safe for the human body? As is represented in this article, Monsanto’s safety claim is both false and dangerous.

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