Policies vs Principals - Fighting Fact with Fact

Updated: Feb 17

This blog was archived from October 14, 2016.

America, have we lost our ever-loving minds? I posted a blog earlier this week with the very title of NOT condoning vulgar words from Presidential Candidate Donald Trump but since I had the nerve to call myself out on my past thoughts and call the rest of us out on it, people couldn't handle that. That truth was not something they could take. It's tough to bring attention to ourselves and point the finger at our own lives/thoughts/pasts, isn't it?

Currently that post resonated with many, and I do thank you all for reading through and to those with the kind words, with over 18,000 likes currently, I honestly only had about 20 pieces of hate mail.. which says a lot! (That's fabulous, I was expecting more opposition, but I am so happy that people actually read through these days.)

I can't believe how many people were stuck on the fact that DT said what he said. They were paralyzed on that. You know what? It's okay, it's fresh, and if you need more time to absorb it and take it all in, please, take as much time as you need. But read. READ. How I felt about the crude comments was only listed IN THE TITLE.

I was called a c*nt twice... just left it at that. Wait, you're also against how Trump speaks about women buuuut you are calling me a c*nt? Or how about the comment where someone else questioned my morals! "You have lost your morals" she stated... this one wasn't from a stranger actually. I kinda know this person. She was married 5 years ago and within a year separated and for 4 years they have been living in separate states but they still file as MARRIED for the huge tax breaks since her ex is in the military, and they've both had free education and their living expenses paid, yet everyone around them knows they are no longer together. How do you even respond to someone like this? The entire article was calling out the hypocrites, and now you're not just a hypocrite, you're committing theft and fraud. My tax dollars go to your living, your lie, and you are questioning MY morals? -_- I know of a few people actually who do this. Apparently it's common. ?? (Which reminds me, how do you go about reporting the people who take advantage of our tax dollars? I want to practice my good morals and all, make sure you stop stealing from the government and law abiding citizens.)

The post, for those who read it, was simply saying this: IF YOU'RE GOING TO JUDGE ONE CANDIDATE BY THEIR PAST WORDS AND ACTIONS, YOU BETTER DO THAT WITH BOTH. I cannot tell you how many people were CONDONING Hillary's defense for a rapist with this: But she was a lawyer! It was her job to defend that rapist! In other words... morals aren't needed. Yet when it came to what Trump said 11 years ago when he wasn't running for president they used this: But he says these mean things and we should never be okay with women being touched inappropriately! (fact!) In other words, Hillary needed NO MORALS in the past when it came to doing her job. This is also why the title stated: "I am calling you a hypocrite." -_- I mean, two complete strangers had no argument with me, they literally had nothing to say so their only comment was calling me a c*nt. Reeeeeally? Still waiting on your argument. Oh that's right. Don't feed the trolls Talia, don't feed the trolls.

The most encouraging words, as usual, came from my father:

Hey guys... I'm not sure if you knew this, but YOU CAN be against the corruption of Hillary and also against what Trump said. Just because you are against one doesn't mean you are FOR the other. You can** dislike both of them and think they BOTH lack morals, without being for** what the other person said/did in their personal lives. You can size them up and in your own mind decide which one is MORE of a jackass, which one is a morally bankrupt over the other... but the outcome will be the same. It's as if the country forgot HOW voting for a leader works. We aren't voting for who is going to go to Hell first, or who is the bigger bad guy. It seems like this is where the election is going to.

Who is meaner? Trump or Hillary? Guess what...whatever answer you have in your head... doesn't improve this country's situation.

The next few weeks before the election will be intense online. The best place to be is actually away from all of it. However, if you're going to argue with someone on social media, fight fact with fact. Name-calling and attacking someone's character is about as low as you can go, and hey, if you're offended by something, figure out why that is. What's the real reason someone posting a link to what they deem newsworthy is offensive to you? If all you have to say to me after reading an article is that I am mean or disrespectful (with no REAL proof that I am either besides the fact that our views differ), that is NOT an argument.

All around you are people calling each other out on their morality. HOW does showcasing overwhelming evidence with the Wikileaks equate to me being okay with Trump groping a woman? Who is lying to you and telling you that you have to agree with every single thing a person says and does? Are we really fighting over which bad guy is worse? Don't get caught up in the LIE that the media wants to feed you: That you are suddenly a bad person because you can agree with someone's policies and not their personal life. Don't feed in to that bull. You can keep your morals and stand tall knowing that you are not the bad guy, you are not the corrupt politician, you are simply weighing fact against fact. And if you do plan on calling someone out, a little tip for you: have proof. Have some proof in regards to what they are posting and don't just type out your feelings of "what you said sounded mean... you big meanie." That is not an argument.

Heyyy... here's a novel approach!