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Policies vs Principals - Fighting Fact with Fact

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

This blog was archived from October 14, 2016.

America, have we lost our ever-loving minds? I posted a blog earlier this week with the very title of NOT condoning vulgar words from Presidential Candidate Donald Trump but since I had the nerve to call myself out on my past thoughts and call the rest of us out on it, people couldn't handle that. That truth was not something they could take. It's tough to bring attention to ourselves and point the finger at our own lives/thoughts/pasts, isn't it?

Currently that post resonated with many, and I do thank you all for reading through and to those with the kind words, with over 18,000 likes currently, I honestly only had about 20 pieces of hate mail.. which says a lot! (That's fabulous, I was expecting more opposition, but I am so happy that people actually read through these days.)

I can't believe how many people were stuck on the fact that DT said what he said. They were paralyzed on that. You know what? It's okay, it's fresh, and if you need more time to absorb it and take it all in, please, take as much time as you need. But read. READ. How I felt about the crude comments was only listed IN THE TITLE.

I was called a c*nt twice... just left it at that. Wait, you're also against how Trump speaks about women buuuut you are calling me a c*nt? Or how about the comment where someone else questioned my morals! "You have lost your morals" she stated... this one wasn't from a stranger actually. I kinda know this person. She was married 5 years ago and within a year separated and for 4 years they have been living in separate states but they still file as MARRIED for the huge tax breaks since her ex is in the military, and they've both had free education and their living expenses paid, yet everyone around them knows they are no longer together. How do you even respond to someone like this? The entire article was calling out the hypocrites, and now you're not just a hypocrite, you're committing theft and fraud. My tax dollars go to your living, your lie, and you are questioning MY morals? -_- I know of a few people actually who do this. Apparently it's common. ?? (Which reminds me, how do you go about reporting the people who take advantage of our tax dollars? I want to practice my good morals and all, make sure you stop stealing from the government and law abiding citizens.)

The post, for those who read it, was simply saying this: IF YOU'RE GOING TO JUDGE ONE CANDIDATE BY THEIR PAST WORDS AND ACTIONS, YOU BETTER DO THAT WITH BOTH. I cannot tell you how many people were CONDONING Hillary's defense for a rapist with this: But she was a lawyer! It was her job to defend that rapist! In other words... morals aren't needed. Yet when it came to what Trump said 11 years ago when he wasn't running for president they used this: But he says these mean things and we should never be okay with women being touched inappropriately! (fact!) In other words, Hillary needed NO MORALS in the past when it came to doing her job. This is also why the title stated: "I am calling you a hypocrite." -_- I mean, two complete strangers had no argument with me, they literally had nothing to say so their only comment was calling me a c*nt. Reeeeeally? Still waiting on your argument. Oh that's right. Don't feed the trolls Talia, don't feed the trolls.

The most encouraging words, as usual, came from my father:

Hey guys... I'm not sure if you knew this, but YOU CAN be against the corruption of Hillary and also against what Trump said. Just because you are against one doesn't mean you are FOR the other. You can** dislike both of them and think they BOTH lack morals, without being for** what the other person said/did in their personal lives. You can size them up and in your own mind decide which one is MORE of a jackass, which one is a morally bankrupt over the other... but the outcome will be the same. It's as if the country forgot HOW voting for a leader works. We aren't voting for who is going to go to Hell first, or who is the bigger bad guy. It seems like this is where the election is going to.

Who is meaner? Trump or Hillary? Guess what...whatever answer you have in your head... doesn't improve this country's situation.

The next few weeks before the election will be intense online. The best place to be is actually away from all of it. However, if you're going to argue with someone on social media, fight fact with fact. Name-calling and attacking someone's character is about as low as you can go, and hey, if you're offended by something, figure out why that is. What's the real reason someone posting a link to what they deem newsworthy is offensive to you? If all you have to say to me after reading an article is that I am mean or disrespectful (with no REAL proof that I am either besides the fact that our views differ), that is NOT an argument.

All around you are people calling each other out on their morality. HOW does showcasing overwhelming evidence with the Wikileaks equate to me being okay with Trump groping a woman? Who is lying to you and telling you that you have to agree with every single thing a person says and does? Are we really fighting over which bad guy is worse? Don't get caught up in the LIE that the media wants to feed you: That you are suddenly a bad person because you can agree with someone's policies and not their personal life. Don't feed in to that bull. You can keep your morals and stand tall knowing that you are not the bad guy, you are not the corrupt politician, you are simply weighing fact against fact. And if you do plan on calling someone out, a little tip for you: have proof. Have some proof in regards to what they are posting and don't just type out your feelings of "what you said sounded mean... you big meanie." That is not an argument.

Heyyy... here's a novel approach!

How about we vote for who is going to be best to lead this country, and leave the personal attacks at the door. Can we agree that BOTH candidates seem to be morally bankrupt and SELFISH with non-stop attacks on each other and not enough plans on how to better this country and our situations. I can't tell you who wins but I can tell you who loses: AMERICA. Are you really planning on entering the voting booth on Nov 8th and in the privacy of your own head and heart be thinking about which person is less evil? THROW the moral card out the window on this one. Throw it out! It has nothing to do with who can lead this nation. How many Americans were against Obamacare but still voted for Obama because he seemed like a really nice guy? A good father, a fun person.


It's time to be a "selfish" voter. I will no longer be voting based on what any of them SAY ... but what they do and what they stand for and how it's going to DIRECTLY AFFECT MY FAMILY AND SITUATION.

I do not care any more unless I plan on being alone in a room with either Bill or Trump in the near future, this is how I will be voting on Nov. 8th :

  1. Does this candidate support a parent's right to make medical decisions for their child, or is this candidate for FORCED vaccinations? This directly affects me as a mother. Even if you are pro-vaccines, do you know what giving the government rights to "call the shots" on what goes in to your bloodstream actually means? It breaks the first law of the Nuremberg code and should be a huge concern to everyone. Once they take away these rights from children, adults are next. Allow parents the option especially if there are risks. "If there's a risk, there should be a choice."

  2. How will this candidate and their plans affect my income/taxes/etc? This directly affects me as a small business owner. Especially when I used to live in California, they have made it nearly impossible to try to own and operate your own business.

  3. Will this candidate continue the joke that is Obamacare and FORCE these garbage health plans on the people or get rid of this disaster and have the IRS stop fining people who cannot afford this garbage to begin with? Truly affected by this one as well. My husband and I work hard, we wanted to have insurance but the options were terrible. It was "either choose one of our crummy plans or pay a fine at the end of the year for not doing so."

  4. Is this candidate truly for women's rights? (Or is this just when it comes to aborting 40 week old babies, as long as they're in the womb?) Time to now research policy and plans of action in this.

  5. Does this candidate put this country and it's needs first? How? Do I really think that by ___ being president that could set women's rights back? That millions of strong American women would actually let that happen?

  6. Who sponsors this person? Can they turn on their current ideals if more money is thrown their way? Yes, we get that people change their minds all the time, but on things that actually matter to the nation? Let's dig deeper in to this one, shall we?

  7. Has this candidate stolen from this country?

  8. Will this candidate uphold the constitution, or are they likely to destroy it?

  9. Does this candidate support MONSANTO or are they FOR GMO-labeling?

  10. Which of these candidates have scandals that DIRECTLY affect me and my family?

  11. What am I cooking for dinner tonight? See... "selfish" questions that affect my kids.

Look whoever you vote for, make sure it's not on the standards of "morals" since both front runners are lacking in that department. You have to vote on who is directly going to affect you and your family as POTUS. That's all. What policies will they put in to effect? Who will be taxed and how much? I mean, really look in to their policies and not get stuck on their personal lives. Great leaders like JFK and MLK were scumbags in their personal lives, adulterous pigs (truth) but they were great leaders. We cannot go in to a voting booth on Nov 8th and say "but which one is a bigger meanie?"

The truth is, many of us are so caught up right now in questioning the MORALS of these candidates, when both are so clearly flawed. America, the MAJORITY of us agree that Trump is a pig, and the majority of us agree that HRC is quite two-faced and, what was that word the FBI used? Careless. So why, WHY is it nothing but attacks across our news feeds? When I see a post that attacks a candidate I am leaning towards, I don't take that personal. But, if you're going to attack me and call me out on what you THINK my own personal morals are, then there are going to be issues with that. I mean, for some of these strangers online to read through what I wrote and come to the conclusion that I am OKAY with what Trump said about women tells me that 1) many people cannot read and 2) there's a lot of time being wasted in doing REAL research regarding these policies that the candidates want to put in to effect should they win the presidency. I still have to take all the above questions in to consideration, but just to reiterate: You CAN think both front runners are scummy and want nothing to do with them as people. The solution to that one is simple: don't invite them over for dinner or be caught alone with them. Time to now be selfish with your vote and judge on actions and policies that will affect this nation and yourself. Voting for the candidate who is less mean won't change your current situation. Always prepare for the worst case scenario, and if you're looking for a hero in this, be your own hero. Be the hero to YOUR life's story, waiting on Nov 8th to see who gets to be president won't make your situation better.

Ladies, by all means, use those same standards of morals when selecting life partners, men to father your children. Those are indeed good morals to have and standards to go by. And in a perfect world, the leaders would** live up to all of the above. However, let's come to terms with the fact that one of these morally corrupt individuals WILL become our next POTUS. Me, sadly dwelling on HRC's past in advocating for a rapist takes away from my time spent checking out their actual policies. Dwelling on what Trump has said about women in the past takes away from my time spent checking out their actual policies. There will STILL be people who comment on here, "but Trump is mean! We cannot have a man like that become our president!" Lalalalala... I am no longer hearing out excuses for BOTH parties regarding their personal lives. Are you reading this? I do not care unless it affects me personally! I want to hear about policies, plans, and ACTIONS taken by these individuals. This is not the time to make enemies of complete strangers online. This is not the time to sit back and scoff about who is more evil! Some are saying.. if Donald Trump is elected then we're telling our sons it's okay to humiliate women. We're telling our daughters this is how they deserve to be treated. Okaaaay so by that standard is it safe to assume that if Hillary Clinton is elected, we are teaching our sons & daughters that it's okay to murder, lie, cover up, collude, destroy and demean women victims, use racial slurs, and support a spouse that openly rapes and assaults women? Cut all of that already! I know it's not easy to do but chuck all of that to the curb. Back to the drawing board! Let's focus on plans and policies, please.. pretty please. So let's have it! Instead of hitting me with more of the same, provide links, proof, facts, all of that, for consideration. I, along with millions of Americans find myself stuck in this "moral code" divide which is not helping the country.

I know one thing's for sure, I won't let anyone question my own morals. I know those are in tact, and I know I cannot support either candidate or place a vote if I plan on voting based on morality. So I choose to vote based on the plan for this country. It's high time these candidates stop attacking one another and start helping this country and it's people. We want plans of action, not actions of the past. Stop using past actions and if you're going to, don't be a hypocrite and use them for both sides. In a perfect world these two would have been deemed by the public "unfit to run" based on the disqualifications of a good leader. What qualifies a good leader? There are many characteristics but let me list off several that I was taught.

  1. Courage

  2. Integrity

  3. Vision

  4. Cooperation

  5. Humility

  6. Honesty

  7. Commitment

  8. Creativity

The list can go on, but dare I say we can all agree that the current candidates are lacking in the "leadership qualities"? It's okay to admit that they both are. If you hate Trump but you can admit that HRC doesn't have them either.. it's okay. Your friends won't suddenly think you support him by not* supporting her. And vis versa! So while you're alone in that voting booth, should you decide to go, I hope you bring with you not only facts, but reasons that will truly affect you and your loved ones, as to who is truly going to turn things around for this country.

Oh to my dear Christian friends and relatives who want to continue to pick one bad over another when it comes to this election. I leave you with this:

Every sin will lead to eternal condemnation (Romans 6:23). All sin, no matter how “small,” is against an infinite and eternal God, and is therefore worthy of an infinite and eternal penalty. Further, there is no sin too “big” that God cannot forgive it. Jesus died to pay the penalty for sin (1 John 2:2). Jesus died for all of our sins (2 Corinthians 5:21). Are all sins equal to God? Yes and no. In severity? No. In penalty? Yes. In forgivability? Yes.

Both sinners. Both not the best choices for America. I am no better. You are no better. Your vote is not for who is the lesser of the two evils. It's for policies you stand by. Once again, if you choose to vote, please vote for POLICY over PERSONAL. Voting for who is nicer is not going to solve the tax problem, the debt in this nation, the end of real journalism, the right to parent and raise your own children without interference from government, it's not going to keep the constitution in tact. It's not going to stop possible WAR/S. Furthermore, it's not going to reflect your love for God and His word, for you know He is a loving God, and final judgement is His, not yours. <3 Do not let any one, not even a Christian, make you feel like you are less-Christian for whomever you choose to lead this nation on Nov 8th.

God help us.

All content and images copyright Talia Likeitis ©2016 and cannot be used without expressed permission.

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