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Water Filtration System - Tap Is Crap.

This blog was archived from October 12, 2019.

We FINALLY, after years of saving up and researching, chose a water filtration system for under our sink. We looked in to just about everything. Initially we wanted the Kangen, but the price was just way too much at the time, and in hindsight, it's a good thing we waited on that since along the way we saw many other reviews showing that while it's beneficial, it's taking out all the GOOD minerals as well that our bodies need.

We've came to the conclusion that there must be sufficient alkaline minerals in the water we drink! The tricky part is getting these minerals in clean water.

The primary alkaline minerals in nature’s original water formula are calcium, magnesium, potassium, and sodium bicarbonate electrolyte salts (calcium and magnesium bicarbonate are complex hydrate salts that only exist in liquid form).

“Alkaline Water” has become the latest marketing buzzword word for bottled water and water filtration system companies. What consumers don’t understand is that you can “alkalize” dirty water by just adding alkaline metals to the water. In other words, saying a water is “alkaline” does NOT necessarily mean the water is 100% free of harmful acids and contaminants.

-The filtration process of the Pristine Hydro first eliminates contaminants AND harmful acids like Acid-Rain before properly remineralizing the water.

I won't talk much negatively about that system though, to each their own. If you're using an alkaline system and noticing great results, awesome. I want to use the remaining time on this blog to talk about why we went with The Pristine Hydro instead.


Acids, which are liquids and gases, pass-through Reverse Osmosis Membranes ending up in the product water you drink. Ionizers remove acids by disrupting the water with electrolysis which also removes the beneficial silicic acid. PristineHydro removes harmful acids while allowing silicic acid to pass through. This sets a new standard for alkaline water.


There should be no acceptable limit for harmful contaminants in the water you drink. By utilizing the best available technologies, High Efficiency Reverse Osmosis and our Proprietary Dual Deionization process we are able to achieve 100% elimination of undesirable contaminants. Lab Verified!


Pure water doesn’t really exist in nature. Our drinking water should contain beneficial ions known as electrolyte salts (bicarbonates) chloride, and silicic acid. This gives our water its clean refreshing taste and light body.

**A great run down here to the "water rabbit hole" by minute 7:33 -- if you're willing to understand how they've de-mineralized the entire human race. The first part is very new-age and I ignored it, but if you're awake to the agenda of keeping us dependent on the system... the rest of this once Dr. Robert Cassar begins to speak will not surprise you.

This system also comes with it's own TDS reader. We were going to attempt to install it ourselves but ended up hiring a certified plumber to do this - meaning he was insured. If you install it yourself and do this incorrectly, the warranty won't hold. So we wanted to make sure we did this correctly, but by all means, if you are skilled enough to do this install, go for it! I'll be updating in a few months on how we are feeling, but the difference so far in this water - just the taste alone! We can now tell the difference in all of it, and we've become *those people* who bring their water with them everywhere, yes, even to restaurants. Can't trust the tap anywhere.

Prior to making the purchase, we also estimated what we were spending yearly on water. We love our Berkey, but there's a lot that it's not pulling, so we were also spending $80-$120 a month on Alkaline water at the grocery. This system will be paying itself off in less than 18 months at that rate.

If you're getting sick and wondering why... you cannot turn a blind eye to the WATER in this country. No one is denying that the water is poisoned. Whether it's poisoned a little or a lot depending on the area you're in... it's poisoned. We are going to extremes daily to avoid the poison, and I know it's tough to keep up at times. We do the best we can with what we have.

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Hi! I see the article is from 2019. Do you still use this filter and feel it is one of the best?? Any other suggestions?

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