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The Levels of Waking Up

This blog was archived from May 2, 2019.

I remember thinking I was awake to all the of the corruption over a decade again, and as the months went by realizing I was barely scratching the surface. Yes, I woke up - but now, I have to re-learn everything. It's not only re-learning, it's un-learning what I once deemed: normal. This has a lot to do with being a part of the indoctrination system, growing up believing all I was told in these brainwash centers and realizing that questioning the powers-that-be was out of the question.

I wanted to break down those levels here so I can track this journey and remind myself that I've really come a long way, but also be humbled at the fact that there's still a long way to go. Still proud of that young 20-something year old who, even though she was not fully informed, trusted her gut instinct and went by a very crucial life tip, thanks to her father which was: "Never make a decision based on fear."

Level 1: There are risks involved. If there's a risk, there should be a choice*. I'll support whatever parents want to do, but don't tell me what I should do with my child.

Level 2: (how I used to think:) In the beginning, va((cines saved lives, they were definitely needed in a time when we didn't have proper sewage/sanitation. Now that we have these things, along with the railroad and way to ship produce like limes/lemons in the winter months to parts of the country that couldn't access it before, they aren't needed.

Level 3: I'll support them if they could make them green. Just like the campaign of Robert Kennedy Jr, Jim Carey, etc - if we can make them organic, then I could be open to trying this.

Level 4: Wait a minute. How do you make flouride, formaldehyde, aluminum organic? Why do we even need human dna and animal dna injected in to our systems?

Level 5: Wow. So they didn't save anyone or anything and were designed to keep our immune systems dependent on their products forever? If the syringe doesn't kill us it will make us dependent? They've been dirtying up our blood this entire time because why? Keeping the masters from the slaves?

Level 6: They're deliberately creating calcified repeaters who will line up for the poison. They are normalizing this abuse. They are not trying to cure world hunger - they're delivering poison and not water and food. They're poisoning the food, the air, the water. They are keeping us so distracted - they own the news. They are pitting us against one another - it's never been us against us. It's always been us against them, and they know that!

Level 7: We have always been enslaved. We think we have choice but we don't. Our children are not our children, we are just legal guardians but their health and their future decisions belong to the state.

Level 8: Do I live in the matrix knowing all of this? Do I exit the matrix knowing that life will never be the same and I will be off-the-grid relying on just myself and my immediate family?

Level 9: There is no "off-the-grid" .. every inch of this land is owned and taxable. Even I am a taxable entity which is what my social security and birth certificate are for. I am worth more dead than alive. Population control is real. The elites want over 6 billion gone to get to the number they deem suitable for maintaining balance to this earth. (500,000)

Level 10: Even if I do all that I can to make it to that 500,000 by avoiding as much poison that's being thrown my way, and let's just say by God's grace I make it to that count - what type of world will I be subject to and is life even worth living if I am micro-chipped and owned? If every move I make has to be approved and if I disobey then my accounts are frozen, my family taken away from me, etc *That morbid list goes on)

Level 11: Church. I'll continue with prayer and going to church because God is in control and only He can understand why the road needs to be crooked. Only He can make it straight. Wait... churches are corrupt as well? Churches are in bed with pharma? What are pastors doing promoting the flu shot?

Level 12: Relationship then. Just a relationship with Jesus Christ so He can guide me through this never-ending ordeal that's life. Hell on Earth. Jesus come quick.

Level 13: Survival of the fittest then. Bring it.

I know there are more levels I could mention, but I am typically in the Level 12 of all of this on-&-off. Some times I get these glimpses of hope for a better life with the babies, and some times it's just an endless abyss of WHY ARE PEOPLE SO EVIL. Always goes back to putting this burden on Him. I don't know how some people can do this all without Him, honestly. How do are you able to function?

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