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The Herxheimer Reaction & Supporting Your Liver While Detoxing Heavy Metals

This blog was archived from May 7, 2019.

Most of you who are joining us on this heavy metal detox are experiencing a bit of regression after the first few weeks. You feel like you were on the right track and then suddenly, the migraines have come back or your skin is breaking out. This is very common and it solidifies that the detox is doing it's job.

We shared an intro post earlier this year on what this safe heavy metal detox is all about.

Words from Dr. Lou Granirer : "The Herxheimer Reaction is a reaction by the immune system in response to endotoxin or toxin release from microorganisms like fungus, parasites, viruses, bacteria, amoebas, rickettsia, protozoa, etc., when they die off. It is also a reaction from toxin release of any kind, like heavy metals, chemicals, pesticides, drugs etc.. Detoxification draws out these toxins from different parts of the body, especially fat cells, and the organs of elimination can be overburdened with trying to get rid of them fast enough. 🔸Some detoxification symptoms or Herxheimer Reactions include headaches, lethargy, muscle aches, mucus or other discharge, a coated pasty tongue, flu-like symptoms, irritability, difficulty sleeping, weakness, cravings, nausea, and skin eruptions. They can also be an exacerbation of present symptoms. 🔸The Herxheimer Reaction is a normal healthy reaction that only a certain percentage of people going through detoxification experience. Some people experience this reaction in the beginning of detoxification, mid-point, or even at the end. There is no right or wrong either way. 🔸The problem with the Herxheimer Reaction is that a person going through it may think that something is actually wrong, or that they are allergic to a particular supplement. They may think that they should stop their detoxification protocol because they are feeling worse or new symptoms have arisen. Actually, it is the opposite, unfortunately the best thing to do is to ride it out as it changes as time goes on. 🔸When the body is not going through detoxification and it is overburdened by a microorganism, the normal healthy reaction is to produce a fever that helps to leech calcium from the bones, for the white blood cells and the immune system to get rid of the offending microorganism. 🔸Most people think that a fever is bad, and run to pop a Tylenol to bring their fever down. In actuality, a moderate fever is a good thing (under 105) and helps the body to fight off whatever it needs to.The body has a natural mechanism to get rid of the bad guys, but this mechanism interferes with our ability to work and carry on with our regular daily activities, so we want to get rid of it as fast as possible."

Coseva's Advanced TRS

There are certain things that may help a person going through a Herxheimer Reaction, here were just several suggestions from Dr. Grainier:

1)Make sure that you are drinking plenty of water, at least half your body weight in ounces.

2)Take baths; put in one cup sea salt, one cup Epsom salt, and one small box baking soda. You can also add essential oils like lavender, and bergamot to the bath, which helps to balance the mind and nervous system.

3)Rest and sleep as much as possible, don't push yourself too hard.

4)Try to do gentle yoga or stretching to facilitate the movement of toxins. If you feel too tired to exercise the way you are accustomed to, it is recommended to cut down your workout intensity, remember it is only for a short period of time.

5) Get lymphatic drainage massage, chiropractic, acupuncture, body work, or energy work to help the body move the toxins out.

6) Spend time in nature, even if it is a park, being around trees and nature has proven to speed up healing.

**Eat and drink very cleanly, with organic fruits and vegetables. Pesticides on fruits and veggies will make the liver and the organs of elimination have to work even harder. Avoid alcohol, during this time as much as possible, the less work the liver has to do the happier it will be.

Here are some ways to assist in your detoxing as well, whether you are taking these supplements in pill or droplet form

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