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Show Me Your Titers!

This blog was archived from May 2, 2019.

🔸 Do you know what a TITERS TEST is? (Ty-Ters) Titer tests are used to determine a person’s immune status to certain illnesses and bacteria by screening for various types of antibodies. The results of these tests can help a person determine if they are currently immune to certain diseases already. Verifying immunity should* save people the time and expense of getting unnecessary va((nations.

🔸Now ask yourself:1) if those in charge REALLY cared about “public health” as they claim to, why don’t they make you take this test prior to loading you up with multiple shots and boosters? 2) If you’re already immune/have antibodies built up to, oh, let’s say rubella and the mumps - why can’t you just* get the measles va((ine instead of having to get the 3-in-1 MMR? People don’t even realize in this country you cannot get this SPLIT, they are giving you ALL THREE. Same with the DTaP which is Diphtheria, Tetanus, and Pertussis. How many people do you know that got a bump or cut and told they needed a tetanus shot? Did you realize there is no tetanus shot on it’s own? It’s the 3 in 1. They aren't offering you the "tetanus shot" at the ER... they're giving you the TDAP or DTAP. Ask yourself: if they really cared about my health, why wouldn’t they do a TITERS TEST to be sure I don’t already have built up immunity? Why do I have to request one and (at times) have to pay out of pocket? Shouldn’t this be standard? Now keep telling yourself that your government ACTUALLY cares about your well being. 🤨

🔸Instead of flocking like sheeple to the nearest Walmart or CVS for the “measles shot” (that doesn’t exist on it’s own), in order to get 10% off your Monsanto-filled faux-food, how about you get your TITERS done? Then when you tell them you already have immunity to one, two, or all three… see their response and lack of care.

🔸 Now repeat after me: I am an indoctrinated repeater who thinks I am free. I fear 16 diseases out of thousands out there because 1) we have va((ines for them and 2) I fall for the propaganda. All these measles cases in America (many who have already received the va((ines that STILL get the measles....) and NO deaths. The sheep running to get a live virus injected in to them that comes with a risk of shedding, only to blame those who can use critical thinking skills for the fact that their va((ones didn’t work. Way to play yourself.

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